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"Activism" Is the New "Refuge of the Scoundrel"


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Absence of Independent Due Diligence a Hallmark


    Special Agent for the US Department of Homeland Security, Todd S. Hyman, money-tracing expert investigator / analyst in the Prevezon matter the exploding-cigar of a court case rolled by convicted tax-fraudster Bill Browder’s team and lit by Preet Bharara, then US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) – reveals a key ingredient to the ongoing Magnitsky scam and its propaganda bubble: the absence of genuine, and genuinely independent, due diligence.



    DHS Special Agent Todd Hyman examined by lawyer John Moscow. Full video and text transcript below. Reflecting the failure of due diligence that characterizes, and enables, the con-job of Browder and co., here's an excerpt from the revelatory documentary film, "The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes", directed by Andrei Nekrasov, produced by Norway's Oscar-nominated Piraya Film AS see the full doc @



Todd Hyman, Special Agent, US Dept. of Homeland Security - Browder Magnitsky hoax


   Click on the image above to view/download the full transcript of DHS Agent Todd Hyman's testimony clearly demonstrating the lack of integrity to Browder's claims re purported Magnitsky money-flows and more. And view the two-part video-taped examination of the US government's expert investigator below:




    Since July 2014 con-man Bill Browder’s been on an international wanted list for his crimes – including those detailed on the previous page here. Thanks, in part, to such people as Canada’s former Attorney General / Justice Minister Irwin Cotler providing cover for the fraudster by perpetuating the Magnitsky myth, INTERPOL has, so far, failed to serve justice in this regard.



    Highlighted claims made by Irwin Cotler in his appearance lobbying Canada's Parliament before a Committee of the House of Commons (07.12.2016) are thoroughly debunked by those (few) academics and reporters+ here in the West who've carried out independent due diligence and are honest about the findings exemplary is the ongoing work by US investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, winner of the Gerald Loeb Award (America's top prize for financial journalism).


   "In his own words, Sergey Magnitsky was neither Bill Browder’s lawyer nor a whistleblower. It is in his witness statements," renowned Danish journalist and editor+ Flemming Rose observes (linking to documentary evidence). Rose concludes: "I salute the fight against human rights abuses and personally was active in this fight in the former Soviet Union. But I fear that, by relying on untruths, Browder’s campaign could undermine this fight rather than support it."


   The historical record corporate records, tax filings, witness testimony+ also shows that Magnitsky and Browder, both, engaged in the criminal tax-evasion scheme exploiting disabled people in Kalmykia. (The Saturn Investments and Dalnaya Step case detailed on the previous page here – Page 5.) Browder’s convicted for this multi-million dollar scam. The criminal case against Magnitsky’s dismissed following his death in prison. These and other fundamentals are stated falsely by Irwin Cotler.


Cotler appeared before the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development (FAAE) alongside Garry Kasparov, past world chess champion and present zealot. Venezuelan "neo-con con-man" Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, (first cousin to Leopoldo Lopez, mentor to the US choice for that country's president, Juan Guaido), appeared earlier in support of Canada's "Magnitsky" legislation that's founded on, and propelled by, falsehoods.


   The ranks of those who know or ought to know, yet fail to tell, the truth about Browder and co.'s mythology include: lobbyists Irwin Cotler (ex-AG/Justice Minister of Canada) & Jonathan Winer (former "Special Envoy to Libya", US State Department crony); Preet Bharara (ex-US Attorney for the Southern District of New York; present and past US Senators incl. Ben Cardin, (+ his former aide Kyle Parker), Roger Wicker, Joe Lieberman, Marco Rubio, the late John McCain (+ his former aide David J. Kramer); Congressmen James McGovern & Chris Smith; Council of Europe's GŁnter Schirmer; and a coterie of political and visible as well as permanent "shadow" or "deep" state actors in North America and Europe+; plus a bevy of so-called journalists, assorted flaks, propagandists, and contributors to/with such outfits as Transparency International, the ICIJ, and OCCRP+.


Such people need be accountable.


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   Under-oath #6 Having debunked his own mythology, and Preet Bharara's case, Bill Browder's examination of April 15, 2015 wraps. NB For the full transcript of Browder's examination which dismantles the false narratives - click on the thumbnail below: 


William F. Browder Videotaped Deposition #1 Transcript




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