The Magnitsky Myth & Other Keys

to the Geopolitical Hoax of the Century – Page 6



  This page (6) considers key support players in the global Magnitsky myth and related campaigns ie. those whose efforts have been elemental to nurturing and advancing the false narratives of con-man Bill Browder and Hermitage+ cohorts.


   Among these ranks we find: lobbyists Irwin Cotler (ex-AG/Justice Minister of Canada) & Jonathan Winer (former "Special Envoy to Libya", US State Department crony); plus pitch-men US Senators Ben Cardin (Democrat), Roger Wicker & Marco Rubio (Republicans), the late John McCain and others.


    And we conclude the video series of convicted tax-evader Bill Browder demolishing his own myths under oath in the Southern District of New York Prevezon case:



   Under-oath #6 Having debunked his own mythology, and Preet Bharara's case, Bill Browder wraps. NB For the full transcript of Browder's examination which dismantkes the false narratives - click on the thumbnail below: 


William F. Browder Videotaped Deposition #1 Transcript




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