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"Activism" Is the New "Refuge of the Scoundrel"


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   William Felix aka "Bill" Browder is documented as a con-man since at least the 1990s, his role spreading out from under the wing of Republic National Bank of New York's Edmond J. Safra. Today he masquerades as an honest broker, a crusader for justice. In truth Browder's a corrosively dishonest character who, allied with networks of criminal and state actors, cause real, lasting, damage in the world via lies and deception.


   I embarked upon posting history of Browder and his "mentor and role model" Safra, to place matters in a factual context. This particular page/chapter of the series is near 30,000 words in draft form – much too large and unwieldy a volume of information to digest comfortably in this web/blog platform as envisioned. It's going to take additional time to address how best to publish this section ie. currently what's intended as page 3 contents.


   For now, then, (prior to resumption of this site's specific examination of Safra/Browder et al), I recommend some print reads that cover foundational territory: "Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America" (2000) by Robert I. Friedman (who's done supremely great investigative work in a range of formats in his much too short time). Plus All Is Clouded by Desire: Global Banking, Money Laundering, and International Organized Crime by Alan A. Block and Constance A. Weaver. These books help explain how we got here (and I'm honoured each tome shares some fruits of my earlier research). This century, Browder, his team, enablers and accomplices, variously distort and exploit in pursuit of their geopolitical + assorted agendas.


Questia’s synopsis notes: ”Tracing the financial shenanigans back many years, Block and Weaver illustrate how the underworld of high finance, money laundering, mafia groups, CIA operatives, and legitimate banking institutions can clean dirty money and operate criminal enterprises that span the globe.”



   Before too long, this page will continue the close look, particularly from a Canadian vantage point, at financial deals and players, (and a cultural essence), associated with Edmond Safra and his flagship Republic National Bank of New York – an enterprise that’s obnoxiously crooked for a long time” in the "impeccably researched" words of authors Block and Constance A. Weaver.


   With Safra soon to depart this history, via his December 1999 death under bizarre circumstances (asphyxiated by smoke in his Belle Epoque penthouse-fortress abutting the HŰtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in Monaco) –  it's time next to consider the transition from RBoNY, (operations of which are assumed by HSBC following Safra's demise), to the Hermitage forces' activities.



Under-oath #3 BakerHostetler's Mark Cymrot schools con-man Bill Browder in the ways of a real lawyer. NB For the full transcript of Browder's examination which debunks the myths - click on the thumbnail below: 


William F. Browder Videotaped Deposition #1 Transcript




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